Fun, fast, informing and challenging boundaries.Textiles and clothing organisations came from all over Europe to showcase their products and services and explain how they could do business with you!

  • 6 short, inspirational presentations by Design and Making spaces from Slovenia, Greece, The Netherlands, Italy and the UK
  • 9 short, thought-provoking presentations by TCBL Pilot business projects from Italy, Greece, the UK, Slovenia and Portugal
  • 6 short tasters of business services available now or in the future to TCBL participants

3 Jam Sessions of 1 hour each presented a mixture of 2 Labs, 3 Pilots and 2 services in 5 minute chunks. Each session was then followed by comments from the TCBL Advisory Board and audience participation.

The sequences of presentations for each of the 3 Jam Sessions can be downloaded from the links below. A video of the best moments  from TCBL_Jam will be available to view on both YouTube and Vimeo soon.

The Programme

Moderator: Francesco Molinari

(Click on any name below to view the speaker's profile page)

Session 1: 14:00-15:00

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The TCBL Academy (Lab)
Cecilia Raspanti, Waag Society, Amsterdam

Athens Design (Lab)
Takis Lybereas, HCIA, Athens

TatiKalamar (Enterprise)
Tatjana Kalamar Morales, Slovenia

La Colombina (Enterprise)
Mario Colombo, Veneto, Italy

Kingly Tailoring (Enterprise)
David Morrish, UK

Cloud services & gamification (Service)
Dieter de Paepe, iMinds, Belgium

Private Workspaces (Service)
Jesse Marsh, Palermo, Italy

Commentary from the TCBL Advisory Board with Q&A from the public


Session 2: 15:00-16:00

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Lottozero (Lab)
Tessa Moroder, Prato, Italy

The Textile Centre Make Lab (Lab)
Ruth Farrell, The Textile Centre of Excellence, Huddersfield, UK

Davy Ltd (Enterprise)
Charles Davy, UK

Heliotextil (Enterprise)
David Macário, Portugal

Faliero Sarti (Enterprise)
Roberto Sarti, Italy

Business modelling (Service)
Matteo Castagno, ISMB, Italy

Sqetch! (Service)
Wouter de Roy van Zuidewijn, The Netherlands

Commentary from the TCBL Advisory Board with Q&A from the public


Session 3: 16:00-17:00

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Lanificio Paoletti (Lab)
Paolo Paoletti, Veneto, Italy

Allium (Lab)
Darko Fercej, Slovenia

Nido di Seta (Enterprise)
Miriam Pugliese, Calabria, Italy

Thrakika Ekkokistiria S.A (Enterprise)
Emmanouela Kouroudi, Greece

Sartoria Crimi (Enterprise)
Mauro Crimi, Sicilia, Italy

Business Process Modelling - BPM (Service)
Marco Paini, Skillaware, Italy

Thela (Service)
Corrado de Castro, Cleviria, Italy

Commentary from the TCBL Advisory Board with Q&A from the public