TCBL_Look Now comprised a look at fashion and Textiles today. LOOK was filmed on location at the beautiful unused mill space at AW Hainsworth, Yorkshire. Hainsworths has roots in the late eighteenth century and is still family owned after eight generations thus providing an ideal example of the textile heritage and traditions in Yorkshire.

Look showcased a blend of heritage, modern technology, vintage styles, current designs and utilised creative designs from TCBL members. It featured the products from local weavers, tailors, bespoke designers and brands and utilised methods and cloths steeped in tradition. Up-cycling, factory waste and today’s newest techniques complemented the design with the aim to provoke new thoughts and ideas from its audience.

The exhibits for Look_Here utilised space at the Textile Centre of Excellence to showcase some of the pieces and photos from Look_Now and enabled visitors to obtain a perspective close-up. Look_Now also included further opportunities for  graduates from the University of Huddersfield and other TCBL participants to access to an international audience.

The Look Video

A special flm was created to capture some of the vibrant and creative talent that makes up Yorkshire's textile and clothing landscape.

Click here to watch the video.

Look Here

David Morrish's Kingfly Tailoring exhibited at #TCBL 2016.

Look Now