TCBL publications and guides

The TCBL project, in addition to the formal Deliverables to the European Commission (available here), publishes two types of useful resources: TCBL Handbooks and the TCBL_zine. TCBL Handbooks are designed as short and accessible guides on a specific topic. They are divided into general handbooks and those specifically targeting Labs, Enterprises and Service Providers. The TCBL_zine is a regular publication based on material and articles published in the TCBL Knowledge Spaces and reviewed by an editorial board.

TCBL Handbooks

Below is a listing of the handbooks currently available

General Interest Handbooks

TCBL Market Analysis and Trends

The TCBL Policy Environment

Enterprise Guidebooks

The TCBL Pilot Framework

Associate Enterprises in TCBL Territories

Lab Guidebooks

TCBL Design Labs

TCBL Making Labs

TCBL Place Labs


Below is a preview of the TCBL_zine.

Open Innovation for manufacturing of textiles & clothing from Fridolin Wild on Vimeo.