TCBL recognized by the EC as a success story

The European Commission recognizes select funded projects as "success stories" to feature on their website. TCBL is one of them.

The article "Transforming fashion through community innovation" was published April 17, 2020 on the EC website, almost a year after the official end of the funded project. Looking back at the project goals and accomplishments, the article features some reflections from Jesse Marsh, our project coordinator.

"We like to think of TCBL as a machine that constantly tracks innovation and explores how new and sustainable processes and mindsets can be embedded into the fashion industry," says Jesse Marsh, project coordinator

As we work towards determining the form that this project will take in the future, one part of this article that stands out cites "inclusive change" as our approach and policy:

In order to identify the industry’s key areas of concern, the TCBL team wanted to reach people working on fashion’s frontlines – not the brands, but the people who actually spin the fibres, weave and knit the fabrics, and design and sew our clothes.

‘At the heart of the TCBL mission is the desire to benefit all those involved, from the tailor to the researcher to the factory owner to the customer,’ says Marsh. ‘An improvement in social and environmental impacts starts with the quality of the working environment and ends with a healthy and thriving community. We can’t separate social and economic benefits if we want to transform an industry – they have to work together.’

Read the complete article on the EC website.