Business Pilots

TCBL is currently running six Business Pilots. These are innovative business operations that receive support from the project in order to determine scaleable practises.

Business Model Innovation

Business pilots are chosen from projects proposed by TCBL Associates, businesses and enterprises, large and small – even individuals – in any way connected with design, production, manufacturing and distribution in the Textiles and Clothing (T&C) sector, who are interested in innovating business systems to build a more inclusive, sustainable and prosperous production ecosystem in Europe and throughout the world.

Over 225 TCBL Associates were selected the first three yearly Calls for Expression of Interest from 2016 to 2018 (we have now adopted a rolling procedure; click here to apply). All applications were and are evaluated based on the coherence of their business ideas with the seven TCBL Principles together with the degree of their commitment towards innovating together for a sustainable future.

TCBL Associates thus make up a value-based business community of forward-looking enterprises under the TCBL label. As a closed user group, they gain privileged access to on-going Business Cases experimenting new value chains with other TCBL Associates as well as to the different Business Services on the TCBL Open Platform.

Business Pilot Projects Currently Underway

The Natural Fibres business pilot investigates ways in which TCBL can promote sustainable and eco-friendly choices in textile and clothing value chain by concentrating on the use of natural materials.
Short run production can allow for local sourcing closer to market needs, but also presents a number of challenges that can be addressed through TCBL.
The textile industry is one of the most polluting in the world; we are trying to identify the environmental costs of dyeing and are researching for less harmful alternatives.
Preserving the manufacturing memory of the area and of individual companies contributes to the preservation and transmission of 'know-how' and the enormous wealth of tacit knowledge of a T&C district.
The aim of this Business Case is to create an ecosystem covering the entire supply chain: from the fibre down to the final customer.
Empowering designer / producers Perhaps they consider it a temporary activity, waiting to be absorbed by a “Big brand”; perhaps they just escaped from a “Big brand”. Maybe some were simply homesick and prefer a familiar clientele in the same town where they were born. The...