Business Services

TCBL Open Platform

The TCBL Open Platform aggregates a range of on-line Business Services that can help T&C companies effectively deploy new business model concepts. Associate Enterprises can smoothly access services ranging from matchmaking to supply chain management.

All of the Business Services on our Open Platform use the same "Single Sign On" service that we call WEEAVE (where you see Login with TCBL) feature that allows access to the TCBL website, _Zine and partner platforms in full compliance with the TCBL data policy. Some of the key services already available are listed here.


Weeave is the tool that connects services available to TCBL members.


Thela is the supply chain management platform offered by TCBL partner Cleviria and used for the TCBL Calls for Associate Enterprises from 2018 onwards. Thela is used by brands in the fashion industry to monitor the social and environmental performance of all those involved in their supply chains, through the use of questionnaires and the management of third-party certification processes. TCBL Associates in Thela gain visibility towards these brands, and can also search for sustainability-focused business partners among the over 2,000 visible companies.


Sqetch makes finding the right manufacturer easy, by connecting 10000+ fashion brands and 1000+ clothing manufacturers. The platform guides brands through the making process and provides a database of manufacturers that can be filtered according to their preferences. At the same time, Sqetch improves the online visibility and competitiveness of manufacturers to help them grow their business. As of late 2019 (and in the context of cooperation within TCBL), Sqetch has merged operations with:

Sourcebook, the B2B online sourcing platform for the textiles industry. Connect with over 2000 verified businesses, from brands and suppliers to manufacturers, for new opportunities and partnerships. Supported by interactive templates and toolkits, the collaborative ecosystem makes it easy to commission small runs with short delivery times, and ensure that the highest quality and sustainability standards are met.


Wave is a tool to foster open innovation processes where the close collaboration between different contributors is the driver to create social and economic value. The open innovation concept is an essential part of an innovative ecosystem and, for this reason, Wave promotes the entrepreneurial discovery of opportunities and markets triggered by the transformation of the T&C sector. Wave allows post new ideas and challenges and comment, replay and engage to unlock entrepreneurial innovation potential for new value-added products.

Service Partners

TCBL is also collaborating actively with a number of services that share our goals and values and are looking to work together on innovation projects. is a social impact investment platform promoting sustainable innovation and connecting private individuals, business angels, family offices and impact investing funds to impact-first entrepreneurs: 10.000 investments made for 90 enterprises, 2.000+ jobs created or consolidated, 30+ million euros collected. is interested in collaborating with TCBL Labs and Associates to identify promising businesses with a clear social and environmental impact that can constitute investment opportunities to list on their crowdfunding platform. is a recent winner of the N&M Foundation's Global Awards, providing support and certification fo circular design and production supported by extensive resources and documentation and a large European centred partner network of the most innovative material producers of sustainable and circular textiles, sorting and recycling companies. is interested in using resources and case studies from TCBL in its service offer, as well as partnering with TCBL Labs and Associates in initiatives related to Circular Fashion.

Queen of Raw

Queen of Raw is a marketplace to quickly and easily buy unused fabrics online. Making these sustainable materials available to you, at any time, from any place, is our mission. From 1 to 1.000.0000 metres, we've got you covered. And we've already saved over 3.5 billion litres of water doing it. Queen of Raw is based in New York but interested in expanding in Europe, happy to have TCBL Associates as both providers and buyers of deadstock as well as fabrics using sustainable fibres and processes.

Common Objective

Common Objective offers practical tools and resources for brands & retailers, suppliers and professionals in the sustainable fashion business. Its technology simplifies and rewards best practice, turning sustainability from a cost into an opportunity, back up by experts who can help combine sustainability with commercial success. The on-line services on Common Objective can be an ideal complement for TCBL business support services.