Call for Associate Enterprises

2018 Call for Applications

This Call closed April 30, 2018. A rolling procedure will be opened in September, 2018.

If you are a business or enterprise, large or small (even individuals may apply), in any way connected with design, production, and distribution in the Textile and Clothing (T&C) sector, the TCBL Project invites you to apply to it Calls for Associate Enterprises. Three annual Calls have been held in March-April 2016,, 2017 and 2018, and now, a rolling Call procedure - meaning you can apply at any time - will be instituted starting September, 2018.

If your Application qualifies, you and your company will become one of the prominent members of a growing global movement aiming to transform the T&C industry into a more inclusive, and sustainable production ecosystem in Europe.

What’s on Offer

As an Associate Enterprise your business will interact with TCBL Business Labs’ explorations of inspiring and stimulating ideas for business model innovation, participating with other Associate Enterprises in the experimental settings of the Business Pilots, designed to lower the risk of innovation. You’ll also have privileged access to the increasing set of Business Services linking up to the TCBL Open Platform.

Your business will be assigned to one of the TCBL Associate Advisors, who will help you navigate among the network of Labs, Enterprises and Services to take advantage of the best resources and opportunities. In addition, the majority of TCBL project partners also offer business support and training services as a part of their normal activities.

Participation as an Associate Enterprise in the TCBL ecosystem is free of charge and implies no formal obligation to the TCBL project consortium nor to the European Commission. This is the third of four annual Calls planned for the TCBL project until 2019. The results of business interactions of Associate Enterprises selected in the first to Calls TCBL ecosystem are already visible on the TCBL website and publications and in testimonies at the yearly #TCBL conferences.

The Associate Enterprises most actively participating in TCBL innovation activities will be those who, together with TCBL consortium partners, take over the governance of the TCBL business ecosystem, co-design its services, and evaluate future Calls as TCBL looks beyond the start-up phase of EU funding from mid-2019 onwards.

How to Apply

The application process for the TCBL Calls is managed on Thela, a commercial web application used by leading brands for transparent supply chain management. As an applicant, you get a free subscription for this Call for two months (time required to complete the application process), which extends to six months if your application is successful. In Thela, you compile a self-assessment of your business practice that TCBL Controllers check for veracity. If you meet the criteria, you automatically qualify as a TCBL Associate Enterprise.

To apply:

  1. First, you must first sign up to the TCBL Open Platform (use Login with TCBL above the menu and then Sign up!) if you haven’t done so already, and log in.
  2. When the rolling call opens in September, 2018, return to this page, you click "Apply" below (if you are not logged in you will be invited to do so). This takes you to a special Signup page, where you compile a registration form with information about you and your company. When you click Submit, you are automatically granted the free Supplier license, linked as a “Supplier” to TCBL, and assigned the Call questionnaire. A confirmation page will tell you that registration is successfully completed.
  3. Next, you simply go to the Thela homepage (you can use the button on the confirmation page). Make sure you “Login with TCBL” (you need to login again for security reasons), and then select “Compiling” on your home page to go to the Call Assessment questionnaire. You should save your work as you proceed and click Complete when are satisfied and in any case before the deadline.

The questionnaire:

Beyond general company information, the questionnaire consists of three sections corresponding to the main criteria for qualification.

· Relevance: how your experience in the T&C sector makes you fit for the role of Associate Enterprise

· Added value: how you plan to contribute to and take advantage of the innovation activities in the TCBL ecosystem (see box).

· Coherence: how you and your activities align with and contribute to the seven TCBL Principles

Before accessing the questionnaire on Thela, you can take a look at the questions in the PDF attachment at the bottom of this page.

Once you have submitted your application, three TCBL Controllers check your responses and either accept as compiled or invite you to provide further information, modify responses, etc. There is no set limit for the number of Associate Enterprises to take on board.

Then What Happens?

The control process for submitted applications will continue on a monthly basis starting from when the rolling procedure is launched in September, 2018. Qualifying applicants will be invited to participate in the following annual #TCBL conference. Four exemplary Associate Enterprises from the previous year will be selected by the Conference organizing committee as invited speakers (with reimbursement of travel expenses). On that occasion, the full results of the rolling Call for the previous year will be publicly announced. A full yearly report on the Call procedure and outcomes will be published at the end of July, of each year.

Person Responsible for the TCBL Call procedures: Paolo Guarnieri,

For technical assistance with your Thela account and questionnaire, please contact, +39 0557 766702.