BioShades Workshop

Thursday, 15 March, 2018 - 15:00 to 18:00

Nieuwmarkt 4 - Amsterdam

During this workshop you will learn about the potential of dyeing with bacteria, you will dye with bacteria yourself and get to know the other TCBL labs and workshop participants that are following the workshop in different locations across Europe.

From sterilize to inoculate, you will learn how to collaborate with bacteria and dye textiles with these tiny friends. After a few days you will be able to see your beautiful end-result.

The workshop takes place at TextileLab Amsterdam – Waag and streamed live in different TCBL labs across Europe where local instructors while lead you through the process step by step. Come to TextileLab Amsterdam and follow this BioShades workshop and the evening programme, or find a participating lab near you and sign up there!

Tickets for this BioShades workshop at TextileLab Amsterdam are sold out.

Programme (CET!) BioShades workshop at TextileLab Amsterdam

  • 14.30 Doors open
  • 15.00 Start workshop: get to know the other workshop participants across Europe!
  • 15.15 Introduction of bacteria dyeing
  • 15.30 Hands-on workshop
  • 17.30 Instructions for next steps
  • 18.00 End workshop

See Website for more info

Partecipate in the discussion

What an amazing opportunity to be able to participate in this distributed workshop!
In Barcelona we received 24 participants, check the video here: