TCBL & Etichetta Parlante

Monday, 29 October, 2018 - 09:00 to 14:00
Venezia- Marghera

via delle industrie 19/C - Sala Europa - Venezia- Marghera

This event aims at promoting TCBL project and the Business Pilot “Etichetta Parlante”, coordinated by Unioncamere del Veneto and financed by Veneto Region.

Unioncamere Veneto has indeed been facing the anti-counterfeiting theme in the textile sector for a long time and TCBL project represents a significant way of promoting it.

LABELCERT-Etichettatura parlante is the business pilot developed within TCBL and is a labellingsystem that has the purpose of allowing the tracking of textile and clothing products in order to preserve small and medium enterprises and consumer.

The event will therefore involve not only several entrepreneurs who are already part of the project and of the pilot action, but also and especially new potential partners, Prato authorities and the developers and managers of Etichetta Parlante.

The meeting will allow new potential partners to come to know the achieved objectives of TCBL project and successful cases of enterprises that are already part of the network.

Moreover, enterprises will have the possibility to register to the two platforms and to get involved in new relationships. At the end of the event two desks will be available to help people to do the sign up.

Lastly, entrepeneurs will receive information regarding the Matchmaking during the International Textile Conference of Aachen 2018, that will take place at the end of November.

This event will therefore be an extremely helpful occasion to keep entrepreneurs up to date with new the possibilities and advancements of the textile and clothing sector and to get involved in new relationships.

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How can I have info on this project, (the website seems to be for members only) ?
Fabien Calleia

Hi Fabein, you can reach out to Chiara Bianchini, her contact is visible at the top of this page when you click her name: chiara.bianchini (at)