Prato lab seeks company able to re-work garments to create new ones

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Submitted by Besnik Meti

Dear all

I post here below the message of Simona from the design studio "Riccardo Rami", based in Prato. They are joining the TCBL community as a Design Lab and have an urgent need to find a company that is able to re-work old or unsold products to be used to create new garments. Please provide any feedback if interested.


Message from Simona Mannelli:

We are an italian consultancy office who works for The Woolmark Company to realize The Wool Lab project.

Each season we produce a book of fashion trends called 'The Wool Lab', which presents innovations in woolen fabrics and yarns (for more informations about the project:, now we are actually working on the S/S 20 Season, and this issue would be presented in July 2018.

Trying to be shorter, so that you may understand why we are contacting you, each year the theme named "LAB" is focused on the re-working on old or not selled products to be used to create new garments (see attached some reference for better understanding).

If you would decide to take part of this project, we will be using your garments for our shooting and the photos would be used in the Wool Lab Magazine that accompanies the Wool Lab, presented worldwide in the most important fairs of the sector to the most famous international designers and manufacturers of fabrics, and would report your full credits.

The developed products are 3:

As time is limited, we ask for submissions as soon as possible.