This is the world’s largest digital library of circular textiles activities

October 8 2021 is World Circular Textiles Day. In preparation, organizers have been building the world’s largest digital library of circular textiles activities by collecting Business Cases, policies and reports in a knowledge hub to which TCBL has, of course, contributed.

All data collected will be used to lay the foundations for the #RoadmapTo2050 and will be developed into a creative circularity digital visualisation . While a team of researchers is making progress mapping all the circular initiatives they can find, anyone working in the field is invited to upload their contribution - you can find out how on the World Circular Textile Day's participation page. TCBL has contributed a policy page citing how we are a H2020 success story.

There will be a 2-hour livestream session, "WCTD2021: Report, reflect, celebrate," on 8th October 2021, 14:00-16:00 BST. Participants are invited to send a video or comments to the organizers about their circular progress this year, for possible inclusion during the stream.

Since circularity is multi-faceted, the organizers invite signatories to create their own message for circularity on occasion of October 8th. The messages might contribute to the three values that WCTD promotes as the goals for 2050:

  1. Raw materials are renewable, recyclable and safe, kept in continual circulation.
  2. Products and services are designed for multiple use and material value retention, with maximum positive impact.
  3. People are valued and supported in an equitable, socially just and resilient society.

We encourage you to find out more and participate at