Course at La Fabrique fills need for knitting specialists

As a client, do you wear knit? Naturally! These wardrobe pieces are key to a casual look, a comfortable wear and an easy care. Demand in France is growing among younger generations to be sportier, and older ones to be smarter. However, French knitting specialists are missing. Is it too difficult? Less glamorous than woven textile? Probably, a bit of both.

In that context, La Fabrique (French school of the fashion and decoration professions) is opening a new course in September to train students or technicians. They will learn everything from the quality of the mesh to the design of a capsule collection, including how to program the circular and flat knitting machines from Japan. The training naturally includes how to cut, make collars, fix contrasting bands etc.

In TCBL~IFM, we are very excited about this initiative that brings back expertise in yarn selection, industrial knitting management co-design of knitwear lines.

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