ECO-TLC Innovation Challenge (deadline Nov 29, 2019)

TCBL is pleased to spread the word of this funding opportunity on behalf of our partner ECO-TLC’s annual Innovation Challenge, which has so far mentored 44 projects.

The 2019 ECO-TLC Innovation Challenge (deadline of November 29, 2019) is open to all consortiums, companies, individuals and associations in Europe and offers €500,000 funding per year without stakeholding requirements or royalties.

The challenge’s mission is to optimize textile and footwear recycling and create a greater demand for recycled materials through the incorporation of more circular industry models. Moreover, the participants of this challenge focus on one critical issue: transforming 100,000 tons of non-reusable textiles and footwear into new textile/footwear products and/or materials.

The Innovation Challenge provides three strategic focuses for participants projects’: proper preparation and handling of materials derived from used textiles and footwear, incorporation of recycled materials within products of other industry sectors (construction, automobile, etc.), and an eco-design of products for textile and footwear industries.

How to apply: See the ECO-TLC Innovation Challenge