Fashion Enter Awarded TCBL Partnership

Textiles & Clothing Business Labs (TCBL) announced yesterday that Fashion Enter is one among seven manufacturers announced to be awarded funding that will allow the company to grow and develop further.

  • “TCBL is a project funded by the European Union's Horizon 2020 programme under Grant Agreement 646133. It aims to transform the Textiles and Clothing industry, with the objective of bringing 5% of production capacity back to Europe by 2025.” (Jenni Sutton, Senior Development Manager & Jenny Holloway, CEO of Fashion Enter)

In a hope to bridge the gap between production and customers, TCBL have developed three business labs that will experiment the implications of innovations and their impact.

  1. Design labs explore tools and methods for designing textiles and clothes working with professionals, fashion students or anyone
  2. Making labs experiment with production methods and machinery
  3. Place labs investigate the local and social dimensions of clothes making.

"Last week the TCBL project Steering Management Group evaluated the proposals for the Open Procedure for new partners, and the following organisations are being invited to negotiate their role in the TCBL consortium starting in Spring 2017: Reginnova (Romania), CenTexBel (Belgium), IFM (France), Fashion Enter (UK), Fab Textile Barcelona (Spain), Cleviria (Italy) and Sqetch (Netherlands). Congratulations to the successful candidates, and we hope to announce their plans to contribute to the extension of the TCBL ecosystem in the coming months."

On being awarded, Jenny Holloway, CEO of Fashion Enter commented:

  • “Thank you TCBL! We are delighted to be part of the family! There is so much we can achieve together for the good of the sector and we look forward to meeting all partners in the new year. What a super way to end 2016 with so much to look forward to 2017!”