Innovation in Short Run Production Discussed at Fabric Fashion Show

On 14th & 15th March, Bill Macbeth, of TCBL partner The Textile Centre of Excellence, visited the fashion fabric show, held at One Marylebone, to gauge the reaction of the design and fabric buying community to an idea - put forward by the industry - to reduce some of the barriers to short run production. Short Run Production is widely recognised as an issue for much of the industry, so TCBL partners are in the process of developing a platform capable of bringing designers and manufacturers together to help and promote them to do business.

Among topics and elements that Bill discussed with exhibitors include:

  1. Aggregating demand from smaller designers to meet minmum thresholds
  2. Offering a trade floor for surplus stock and providing access to online design
  3. Business tools to improve communications and quality control between designers and manufacturers

The results? There was genuine excitement that this could make a real difference! Sites exist that offer individual elements, but no one was aware of any existing provision for the industry with such breadth.

Partners will be working hard over the next three months to demonstrate a working model with real business examples.

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Richard Axe