Lesson in Research and Board creation using the internet and Illustrator

The Bradford School of Art played host to a TCBL related workshop for final year students undertaking a Higher National Certificate in Textiles. The one day event, specialising in weaving or knitting, was attended by mature students ranging from their early 40’s up to mid 60’s. The project brief? Exploring textile properties of various fibres and materials and how they can be used for greater effect.

The end result was to be of constructed textiles with evidence of research and development carried out using scrap books, mood boards and samples/swatches. The day focussed upon:

  • Surface and texture
  • Structure and form
  • Product finish
  • Inspiration:
  • Tree bark
  • Street surfaces
  • Peeling and cracked paint
  • Rusted metal
  • Surface of water
  • Decayed organic

It was a wonderful day. The participants were a delight, being both driven and open-minded. All completed research and completed boards and went away feeling very positive, with new practical skills and a new-found confidence in the use of technology to enhance and support their work. The Textile Centre's Ruth Farrell constructed and delivered the workshop agenda for the day: why not download a copy of Mood boards and test your thinking?