Local launch of the Open Call for Pilots in Prato

On 14th March 2016 the event registered a high participation of the local community.

The first Open Call for Pilots of the TCBL project running from March until the 8th of April was launched in the finely designed Auditorium Hall of the local Chamber of Commerce. From early morning till lunch time some 60 people attended this exceedingly stimulating event for the local community.

Policy makers from the region and city, EURATEX director Mr Marchi, textile and fashion business people and entrepreneurs, fashion and textile designers, as well as academy and research representatives, etc. attended the four hour workshop, thereby getting to know about recent developments in T&C European policies, market trends, business models etc. The value proposition of the first TCBL Call for Pilots was brought home to businesses that may want to experiment new pathways by join the TCBL community.

The workshop agenda had project’s spokesmen Mr. Marsh and Mr. Molinari illustrate the project, its aims and its key tools. The features of the three kinds of Labs (make, design and place) were illustrated by Mr. Ferro, Mrs Cipolla and Mr. Mehmeti respectively. The concept was brought home that labs on one side and businesses on the other constitute the two wings of the project. It is through their interaction that TCBL aims to bring about a revolution in Textile and Clothing.

Breakthrough innovations in the business models in fashion, design and other sectors provided stimula and inspiration for attendees to reflect upon existing business approaches and how they could benefit from fresh ideas emerging from the TCBL labs. Prospected pilots were encouraged to consider reshuffling their business along new experimental pathways.