London Proves To Be A Leading City At The London Textile Fair.

The Business Design Centre, Islington, becomes home to the bi-annual textiles exhibition and tradeshow The London Textiles Fair (TLTF) each season, seeing exhibitors from far and wide preview their fabrics and materials to buyers and designers. From New Zealand to Japan, France to Italy, and Austria to the United States, each company realises the potential London holds for them.

Not only do the exhibitors travel long distances to attend, but so do the attendees. Whilst you would think the event would be mainly attending by those from the UK, it is extremely popular amongst many from neighbouring European cities. The event sees many returning exhibitors, however it is new to some;

  • “This is the first time we have exhibited here, but we would most definitely do it again!” – Starsign Fabrics, United Kingdom

Whilst TLTF may not be as large as Premiere Vision, it certainly holds a great deal of potential for those in the industry, hence its status as the biggest textiles fair in the UK. From textiles to accessories, trims to print studios and vintage garments there is much to be seen here.

Speaking to a number of the exhibitors it became apparent that London, alongside Paris, is the best for customers, sales and enquiries with many stating that people will travel from all over the world to come to London, whilst their home events in Italy for example, are more popular amongst the locals.

  • “The interest here in London is much greater than interest elsewhere.” – Konak Fashion Fabrics, Turkey
  • “We find more interest from the UK as many will travel to London for events.” – Deunido, Spain
  • “Premiere Vision is the biggest show out there for us, however London comes second and is best for the customers.” Essenteks, Turkey
  • “The event and location depends on the attention that we see, however London sees people from all over the world attending and so is great for potential customers etc.” – Frizza Spa, Italy.
  • “People come from all over the world to attend events in London, similar to Paris and Premiere Vision whilst smaller exhibitions and fairs may not see this.” – Tessuti & Tessuti, Italy.

UK based Chrisanne Glover told us “London is the best for us, but we do exhibit elsewhere too.”

When asked when they think the best time to exhibit at tradeshows is Tianhai Lace Co Ltd, China said;

  • “Whilst we think Premiere Vision is the best due to the size and amount of people that attend, London follows closely. The best time to hold these tradeshows are after the much anticipated fashion weeks, as trends are set in stone on the catwalk and many will be looking to follow on with these.”

With this in mind it seems that London should be proud to call itself a leading city for fashion, textiles and art.