Post-Brexit ASOS.COM Expansion

Online-only retail giant have announced plans to hire an additional 1,500 staff at its London headquarters, as well as to double domestic manufacturing of its own-brand clothing.

This committed investment has swept away those post-Brexit and unstable market fears and states UK backing and local manufacturing is the way forward.

This is of course great news for us, here at FashionCapital and sister company Fashion Enter. We have worked with closely via the Stitching Academy and the apprenticeship programme, which develops skilled production workers, as well as producing’s own brand garments at our factory based in Haringey, North London. have been fundamental in investing in training for over five-years and with 57 percent of its sales coming from outside the U.K the drop in the pound has allowed the company to cut prices to win shoppers internationally.

Bringing more of its manufacturing to home soil will not only make garments available to consumers more quickly but it will create local jobs and ensure ethical working practices are regularly checked and adhered to. Nick Beighton, the chief executive, said expected to open several more manufacturing facilities in the UK over the next three to four years, in order to double capacity from the two factories, including Fashion Enter, which make about 4% of its own-label products at present.

Additionally the company, which employs 2,500 people currently, said it expected to spend about £38m on additional specialists in technology, marketing, editorial content and retail as it aims to double sales over the next five-years.

The company is investing another £40m in building an additional 40,000 sq ft at its HQ at the art deco Greater London House to accommodate the extra workers. said the renovation would include new staircases and light wells, a health club, training academy and “quiet zone library”, plus a tech bar and concierge service for staff. Beighton (pictured left) said: “Our people are what make special. We are creating a workspace that fosters creativity, where they can enjoy what they do.”