Short Runs Meetings in Prato discuss Collaboration Efforts

Partners from Prato, the Textile Centre and the Veneto met businesses in the Prato district last week in order to cement progress towards the construction of a programme of short run opportunities. TCoE representative Bill Macbeth spoke to around twenty local textile companies at the Textile Museum in Prato: short run slides (English) or short run slides (Italian). He provided a succinct summary of opportunities being created by TCBL by bringing designers and manufacturers together across Europe, including Via - the local pratoexpo site.

Individual meetings also took place with Trafi and Lottozero. Fabio Giusti, or Trafi, displays a range of designs utilising various dyeing and punch needle techniques.

Additionally, Slovenian partner eZavod identified further opportunities for collaboration.

A few of the possible short run opportunities under discussion include:

  • An artisan designer in Yorkshire providing patterns to a short run producer in London with the transaction to be facilitated by the TCoE
  • A British designer working with a specialist dyer and textile recycling house in Prato, Italy. This will be facilitated by the TCoE (UK) and Prato (Italy).
  • A designer in Sicily working with a print producer in the Veneto, facilitated by UCV
  • A group of designers around the Prato region working and collaborating in a shared space with access to business and textile support. This will be facilitated by Prato.
  • DALi Sport is interested in producing textiles for helicopter pilots from material with fire-proof characteristics. This will be facilitated by eZavod in Slovenia.

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Richard Axe