Short runs pilot joins up with German matchmaking platform Sourcebook

A small number of TCBL businesses have linked up with Sourcebook ( in order to create new opportunities to find either new markets or new suppliers from its extensive database. It's part of a pilot project between the two organisations to increase the chances of finding the right brand or manufacturer to meet the needs of textile and clothing businesses in Europe.

Both TCBL and Sourcebook have agreed to help manage the process by providing personalised support in order to maximise the chances for successful outcomes. A handful of TCBL members from Portugal, Slovenia, Romania and the UK have identified some key objectives with Sourcebook; the latter is seeking to identify some of its clients most likely to be interested in discussing these requirements and will then introduce each party if the match has potential.

Richard Axe, working with TCBL partner the Textile Centre of Excellence, thinks that anyone looking to develop clothing and textile links with Germany, Switzerland and Austria should have a look at the Sourcebook site - there are different levels of membership available. Language, cultural differences or lack of IT skills could act as barriers to success, however, hence the additional support being offered by TCBL and Sourcebook.

Richard and Ruth Farrell worked with a number of TCBL partners to identify a small number of businesses interested in taking part in the pilot. Olof and Marte, from Sourcebook, have assisted TCBL members to create an appropriate profile on their site and hand-picked up to two matches for each business. They have started the process of introductions and we'll aim to keep everyone updated with progress.

Any TCBL members wishing to be considered for a phase 2 pilot should contact Richard, Ruth or their local partner before the end of September.

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Richard Axe