Sqetch and Sourcebook merger: a match made in TCBL

The online B2B sourcing platforms for the fashion and textiles industry, Sqetch (Amsterdam) and Sourcebook (Berlin), have joined forces to create an even stronger sourcing platform. The combined platform will operate under sqetch.co, taking the member base to 25,000 for even more business opportunities and partnerships.

The two companies met at the TCBL annual event in Prato in 2018. “If I remember correctly, it was Richard (Axe, TCOE) who introduced us to each other and it was definitely a match!” recounts Wouter de Roy van Zuidewijn, founder of the Amsterdam-based start-up. “Not much later we discussed joining forces to create even more impact. We more or less set the same goals for both our companies, so why not trying to achieve those together? Many brainstorm sessions, meetings and dinners followed. Now we can finally communicate our 'marriage' as we have formalised our plans by merging both companies.”

Sqetch helps brands manufacture their products by finding the perfect match in their online supplier directory, guiding them through the making process with clear instructions to enable smooth communication and delivery. Sourcebook, on the other hand, was a free B2B online sourcing platform for the textiles industry connecting over 2000 verified businesses – from brands and suppliers to manufacturers – for new opportunities and partnerships. In addition, they curate and organise a range of innovation platforms, including hackathons, exhibitions, conferences and think tanks, to catalyse the digital and sustainable transformation of the fashion and textiles industry.

Through the merger, the two startups have created a bigger network and stronger platform, with plenty of opportunities to support the T&C industry. “If we succeed, we really believe we can make the industry more transparent and thereby (hopefully) a more sustainable one,” says van Zuidewijn. “TCBL created the environment to meet with the right people and companies; we are grateful to be part of it and will continue to contribute where possible.”