TCBL at first Global Sustainable Fashion Week

The first Global Sustainable Fashion Week was held in Budapest between 12-14th April 2016 and was a unique event combining international conference, workshops, displays and fashion shows in the sustainable, ethical fashion at the same time. TCBL project was invited to present its activities, labs and pilots and especially business model innovation environment. Presentation took place in Museum of Hungarian Applied Folk Art, on Thursday, April 14th 2016. The audience consisted of professionals of fashion organisations, institutions, companies, individuals, artists, designers, professors and students of universities/ fashion schools, who are dealing with sustainability or who would like to proceed in this direction. Participants were also invited to Uttersfield's TCBL TEDx conference and annual event. Based on high interest for the project additional applications for labs and pilots can be expected in the future calls, as well as expansion of the TCBL movement to the countries outside current project consortium.

More about the Sustainable Fashion Week: