Two C-Voucher funding opportunities

Two open C-Voucher calls of interest to the TCBL Community.

A C-Voucher is a monetary funding opportunity for SMEs in traditional industries (agriculture, health, textile, etc.) who seek to develop their companies through sustainable and environmentally-friendly business practices. Moreover, C-Vouchers are granted to businesses which are willing to transition from linear to circular business models in their workplaces, models which minimize business’s resource inputs and waste emissions while accounting for potential externalities of the company.

There are two current open calls that we think might be of particular interest to TCBL members. The first is due October 31, 2019 and offers 15.000 euro of funding (equity free) to develop a circular business plan for 42 potential SMEs. Besides equity free funding, the C-Voucher offers 1 month of support from an industrial designer to create a concrete plan, along with mentoring sessions for further developing of your project. There are three requirements to apply for this C-Voucher: you must be an SME (legal person), you must be located in the European Union or an Associated Country, and your project plan must be cohesive with at least either one of C-Voucher’s Circularity Solutions or one of the circular building blocks (see Circularity Solutions here; see circular building blocks here). Once an SME has met this criteria, it can undergo the Open Call application procedure necessary for acquiring the C-Voucher.

Where to sign up: A guideline and template for this process can be found here.

    A TCBL Hackathon

    The second currently open call for a C-Voucher will be open October 1, 2019 until November 30. Funded under the Horizon 2020 EU Programme, the C-Voucher for this open call offers 60.000 euro to 6 selected companies. Applicants should be SMEs (small is defined as fewer than 50 staff members, and medium is fewer than 250 staff members). There are two phases. The first phase involves a 3-day “Prototypathon” where 12 companies are invited to develop circular economy solutions for their existing business models through the incorporation of new technological and design strategies. These 12 companies receive 2.000 euro for their involvement in this event (reimbursement for travel costs) and are expected to present their projects during the “pitching session.” During the second phase, 6 of those 12 companies will be selected to further develop their ideas in a 9-month program called the “Circularity Program for Classic SMEs.” Companies interested should allocate internal resources (finances, technology, workforce, etc.) in order to prepare for the Program, along with presenting their solution and working in accordance with their assigned designer.

    Where to sign up: To apply, please consult the following guidelines and templates: