What Does The Future Of Visual Merchandising Look Like?

Here East’s #liveconnected16 launch event was unveiled on Thursday 27th October, presenting industry professionals with first hand insight into Plexal, the new innovation centre at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in Stratford, as well as numerous start-up companies including Headworks.

“Headworks presents a new experience in visual display and communication – an ultra-realistic and talking 3D holographic head combined with a life size mannequin body.”

Designing and creating unique mannequins that combine still life and reality, Headworks has the ability to work with and across many industries from visual merchandising for fashion to producing these one of a kind displays for exhibitions and entertainment. At present the company work within retail, entertainment, healthcare, exhibitions, business, events and education to provide an engaging experience.

No Headwork is the same though, the company offers companies the chance to make their Headworks mannequin whoever they want it to be - the interactive model talks and moves from its shoulders up creating a life like motion.

Capturing the attention of our marketing assistant on the night, she found herself questioning if this is the future of visual merchandising? Will at some point in the future, near or far, Headworks and interactive mannequins completely take over all visual merchandising space?

Recalling a scene from the film ‘Confessions Of A Shopaholic’ where the mannequins in the windows entice Isla Fishers character by talking to her and moving to draw her in and persuade her to purchase the garments they are displaying, see’s our marketing assistant asking if this will be a reality? With the advancements of technology, it sure does seem that way.

Is the next step for Headworks full interactive bodies?

Technology and innovation shows that almost anything is possible.