Fun, fast, informing and challenging boundaries.Textiles and clothing organisations came from all over Europe to showcase their products and services and explain how they could do business with you!

4 presentations by TCBL Labs from Romania, Italy, Greece and Portugal

4 presentations by Creative Hubs from the Interreg-MED CreativeWear Project, a sister initiative of TCBL, based in Italy, Slovenia, Spain, and Greece.

12 presentations from T&C businesses who have joined the TCBL network of Associate Enterprises, from Greece, Slovenia, Italy, France, and Portugal.

4 presentations from organisations joining the TCBL consortium from Spain, Romania, Belgium, and France.

4 90-minute rounds in 2 Jam Sessions present a mixture of 1 Labs, 1 Hub, 3 Enterprises and 1 new TCBL partner in 5 minute chunks, followed by discussion and interaction.

This year, the Jam sessions are paralleled by two technical sessions:

TCBL_Hack looks at the tools available for the TCBL Open Platform and discusses service integration with TCBL Associate Service Providers.

TCBL_Startups presents the startups programme with presentations from the three top rated winners of this year’s Call.

Jam Session One

9.30-10.00 Round one

  • REDU TCBL Lab (Romania), Gabriela Stoica
  • CreativeWear Crowd Hub (Palermo), Luca Leonardi
  • Varvaressos SA, Giannis Tzortzis
  • Fouta, Vassilis Raikopoulos
  • Dolejsi Modni Gumbi, Natasha Doleci
  • New TCBL Partner: Fab Textile, Anastasia Pistofidou

10.00-10.15 Discussion and interaction

10.15-10.45 Round two

TCBL Lab and CreativeWear Heritage Hub: Textile Museum of Prato (Italy), Francesco Bolli

CreativeWear Social Hub (Slovenia), Lenka Puh

Variazioni, Simona La Torre

Clea Polar, Clea Polar

Feltrando, Filomena Almeida

Alenka Klopcic, Alenka Klopcic

New TCBL Partner: Reginnova NE, Gabriela Iftode

10.45-11.00 Discussion and interaction


Jam Session Two

12.00-12.30 Round three

TCBL Athens Place Lab, Takis Lybereas

CreativeWear Tech Hub (Spain), Maria Blanes

Tsiakiris Silk, George Tsiakiris

FEPSA, Acácio Coelho

Trafi Creatività Tessile, Fabio Giusti

New TCBL Partner: CENTEXBEL, Guy Buyle


12.30-12.45 Discussion and interaction


12.45-13.15 Round four

Oliva Creative TCBL Lab (Portugal), Carla Relva

CreativeWear Art Hub (Athens), Dimos Papakonstantinou

Kourbelas, Pantelis Kourbelas

Selected Textiles, Evripidis Dontas

Prato Expo, Fabio Fontani

New TCBL Partner: IFM, Danièle Clutier


13.15-13.30 Discussion and interaction


9.30-9.45 The TCBL Open Platform


9.45-10.00 TCBL Cloud Services, Single Sign On and Activity Logging, Gamification


10.00-10.15 New TCBL Platform Partners

  • Sqetch, Wouter de Roy van Zuidewijn
  • Cleviria, Corrado de Castro


10.00-10.45 Hand-on experimentation: open invitation

Supported by the implementation experiences of TCBL platforms: vDiscover, bpSquare, Sqetch, Cleviria, Labs Platform, etc.


10.45-11.00 Experience sharing

  •  TCBL_Startups


12.00-12.15 The TCBL Startups Call


12.15-12.30 Startup Support Measures


12.30-13.00 Startup Presentations

  • Ingenio
  • Zingales
  • Rovetta


13.00-13.30 Round Table Discussion