Help TCBL win the Horizon Impact Award

The European Commission recognises and celebrates outstanding Horizon 2020 projects with the Horizon Impact Award, and TCBL is submitting its candidature. We're asking for your endorsement - it won't take long and will make a big difference!

Our application focuses on the success of the project, having reached the goals set initially for the Horizon 2020 funding.

Over the course of five years, our community has achieved:

  • New embedded services, with 1,055 registered users on the TCBL Open Platform.
  • A novel supply network, with over 350 participations of TCBL Labs and Associates in business model innovation experiments.
  • 5% return in manufacturing capacity, focusing on a shift towards agile, knowledge-based production focusing on quality rather than quantity.
  • 20% reduction of environmental footprint, with TCBL Associates saving an estimated € 319.000 through adoption of TCBL waste reduction, energy savings, and raw materials reduction strategies.

TCBL’s long-term prospects for impact are reinforced by:

  • Continued support from the TCBL Community.
  • Strategic alliances with leading service providers.
  • Collaboration in large scale initiatives.
  • Participation in global policy forums
  • In addition we have been nominated as a ‘Success Story’ by the European Commission

The success of the project, recognized by the EC, has resulted in the concrete desire to continue the work of the EU project as a Foundation. At this date, the official creation of the foundation has been delayed due to coronavirus travel restrictions, but the working group established to create the foundation has been continuing with the development of opportunities for our community as well as working on the official documentation required.

At this time, we're asking for your endorsement of our application to the Horizon Impact Award. The €10k award would help the Foundation get started and allow us to immediately put into place some of the projects we have currently in the works.

Click here to fill out the form to express your support.If you are inspired to write a free-form letter of support please send it by email to