TCBL Association Membership Levels and Pricing

Join TCBL if you…

  • Embrace TCBL Values and the principles of real sustainability – not just greenwashing – and are committed to acting upon them
  • Are willing to spend the time required to become accredited through our protocol and to participate in the evaluation of your peers

As a TCBL member, you receive the following intangible yet extremely valuable benefits:

  • Access to like-minded colleagues, suppliers and clients – the kind of people you can trust in your supply chain – through our member directory
  • Access to TCBL Labs and the occasion to test innovation with minimal risk
  • Potential access to funding through projects of which TCBL is partner
  • Possibility of being invited to speak at our events


  • Free or discounted tickets to our annual event
  • Listing and access to the member directory
  • Voting rights in the association (depending on membership level)

Annual Membership rates:

  • Citizens: interested citizens who wish to support the project / €25
  • Labs: accredited TCBL Labs (who pass the labs application) / €25
  • Startups: Companies no more than 4 years old are welcome at the reduced rate of / €150
  • Associates: Companies, associations etc. who pass the TCBL protocol / €250

*Membership payment will begin January 2022. Until then, those listed in the TCBL Directory are considered members; active members who log in and update their profile can receive all these advantages right now, including free access to TCBL Days, our annual event.

How to join TCBL

If you're a company, start-up, association or individual, please email with something about yourself and we'll personally guide you into the network.

If you're a lab (defined as a space in which people innovate), head over to the labs page where you can apply to join as a lab.