What is a TCBL Lab?

TCBL Labs work towards sustainable and fair alternatives for the textile and clothing field through art & design, research (both practice based and creative); business support, teaching & training, production and collaborative working with the community. Together with other TCBL Associates they are part of a business ecosystem based on shared values, working together to innovate and create relevant business models.

The values or principles that are at the base of TCBL (and thus all the Associates) are curiosity, viability, durability, multiplicity, openness, respect and responsibility. Read more about these here.

TCBL Labs make the principles operational by:

  • making the lab accessible to individuals
  • documenting research projects in order to make expertise tangible and share the research agenda of the lab
  • organizing events / meet-ups / workshops for the community
  • Facilitating interaction with and within the network, exploring various forms of collaboration with businesses and advisors, individuals and designers.