Join TCBL Labs

If your lab operates in the textile and clothing field, you are working towards developing sustainable and fair alternatives for production, and the TCBL values resonate with you, sign up to be a TCBL Lab.

Why become a TCBL Lab?

TCBL’s value-based community creates a low-risk environment for experimenting new paths, constantly fuelled by the impulses coming from business labs and the services on the TCBL Open Platform. TCBL Labs:

  • can apply for seed funding for projects developed in collaboration with other members in the network
  • get access to all TCBL services
  • showcase work on collaborative TCBL Projects
  • are part of a peer-to-peer operated network of other Labs, and have access to TCBL Advisors, Enterprises and Members.
  • get access to knowledge generated by the network as a whole
  • get priority access to the yearly TCBL conference in a European textile hub, where you can meet local labs, enterprises and communities

The signup process is:

  • Fill in the form below to contact a representative; if this is your initial contact, you will probably hear back for an exchange of information by email or call
  • A TCBL user profile and Lab page will be created for you and you'll be asked to fill out all the information. (Click here for instructions on how to edit your labs page).
  • At the end of the form, you’ll pick two Labs that are already part of the community who will evaluate your application, alongside a member of TCBL Foundation management.
  • If approved, your information will go live on the website and you’ll be a full fledged member of the community.

Apply here

Fill in the form below and a representative will contact you as soon as possible.