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Centexbel supports new technologies, products and processes, also with open innovation and tries to implement this together with the textile and plastics sector. Our activities include research & innovation, testing, certification, consultancy, and training. As such, Centexbel offers its equipment platform to external entities. This means the equipment, together with operators, can be rented. Equipment is available for extrusion (monofil, multifil and bico filaments), for coating (e.g. semi-industrial roll-to-roll coater) and for textile processing (knitting, weaving, braiding). Centexbel has also extensive testing and characterisation facilities, including a physcial, chemical, fire and microbiological lab. Key focus points in R&D are resource efficency and sustainability, eg by using solvent-free solutions or biobased materials.

Innovation Approach

The type of lab is defined by how it approaches innovation: design, make, or place.


Description of who can be found in the lab over one month.

Key activities

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  • Engineers
  • Makers
  • Researchers
  • SME
  • Textile Designers

Lab projects

Second Life
Second Life: giving maximum value to End-of-Life textiles The main goal of this project is to maximise the value of End...