Masks for solidarity

In Palermo, the Covid-19 crisis hasn’t stopped TCBL Lab Sartoria Sociale from continuing their mission of textile upcycling and social inclusion.
Masks for solidarity
A Sicilian inspired cloth
Masks for solidarity
Cloth for Kids

“For the disadvantaged persons we work with, staying busy is of vital importance so that they may feel useful for the community,” says Rosalba Romano, who represents the no-profit association Al Revés. The cooperative has been in operation since 2012, and in 2017 moved to a location in the Sicilian city that was confiscated from the Mafia.


The group quickly set up work-at-home conditions that allow for the production of cotton face masks for fair pay. The three-ply washable masks come in many colours and patterns from sanitized cotton scraps or re-use, reflecting circular values together with the multi-cultural community of the atelier and of the city.


For every mask sold, the cooperative is donating one to people in need, such as those living in group homes and charity situations. Masks can be ordered by email to

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