Digital Heritage


Digitalizing and Preserving textile archives

Textile and Clothing archives can be an important source of inspiration for the design of contemporary collections. Unfortunately, there have been huge losses of industrial archives due to de-industrialization together with a substantial lack of a culture of conservation in the industry. Fortunately, some more structured companies have maintained their historical archives, but in most cases these are poorly accessible, ending up as unproductive clutter.

Today, this material – sample books and data sheets – is of great value. By preserving the manufacturing memory of the area and of individual companies, it contributes to the preservation and transmission of know-how and the enormous wealth of tacit knowledge of a T&C district. Above all, when properly stored, catalogued and digitized, making it available for consultation both internally and third parties, this information may represent a significant resource for new creativity.

Cataloguing at Texmoda

Cataloguing at Inseta

Who’s involved

Circa 40 people are involved in the Prato T&C district.

The following companies participated:

  • Industria Italiana Filati
  • Inseta
  • Texmoda
  • Marini Industrie
  • Lanificio Bisentino
  • Lanificio Faliero Sarti
  • Ilaria Manifattura Lane
  • Trafi Creatività Tessile
  • LineaEsse

The following international designers won the public tender to collaborate for the creation of new ideas based on the historic archives:

  • Aki Watanuki
  • Lena Perraguin
  • Sarah Meyers and Laura Fügmann
  • Lizzy Stuyfzand

Industria Italiana Filati at Pitti Filati

Inseta project output

Goals and Objectives

Build the capacity of enterprises to catalogue and digitize their archives and exploit them to increase the added value of their products.


The following additional information about this project is available

Aki Watanuki residency at Lanificio Bisentino

Contact person

For further information on the Digital Heritage Business pilot, contact Besnik Mehmeti.