Industry 4.0


In the apparel industry, only the next collection counts and must be implemented as quickly and cost-effective as possible. The paradigms of Industry 4.0, which are horizontal integration through value networks, end-to-end engineering across the entire value chain and vertical integration as well as networked manufacturing systems, lead to more efficient, flexible and responsive processes. The “Simulate, Print and Cut” solution, as a seamless digital and integrated process, is a particularly important milestone for the fashion industry on the way to Industry 4.0.

Simulating textiles in 3D brings yet significant advantages by perfectly visualizing how the fabric, cut and even the customer match together Our technology approach takes this even one step further: “Simulate, Print and Cut”, coordinated by the DITF, directly links virtual simulation with production. Various technical and computer-aided solutions enable a complete digital process chain, from virtual design to fabric printing and automated cutting. Leading technologies are integrated for 3D-simulation, textile design, marker making, printing and single-ply cutting. The seamless process saves time, reduces material consumption and increases the quality of design, especially with complex fabric designs.

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