My Yorkshire Wardrobe


My Yorkshire Wardrobe (MYW) introduces a radical new clothing rental concept for men. It would utilise digital technologies, including predictive analytics and Artificial Intelligence (AI), to provide an online service that offers customised clothing and accessories selections (addressing ethical and environmental concerns) for individuals based on their lifestyle and preferences. The video shown at #TCBL2019 and a handy leaflet with more information will be published soon.

MYW addresses the needs of the local market but the concept is both replicable and scalable.

Who’s involved

The TCoE Design and Make Labs, local manufacturers and the University of Huddersfield have been involved in aspects of the project creation and design to date. Conversations with potential service users are ongoing as part of the market research.

Goals and Objectives

MYW addresses the challenge of over-production, over-consumption and waste by providing clothing as a service. It will feature locally sourced, new routes to market, especially for short-run producers.

Contact person

Bill Macbeth