OS Material Archive


The Material Archive is the analog/digital and open source archive for displaying these DIY sustainable materials. It collects and displays knowledge on materials coming from the different research laboratories of Waag Society. The main scope of this library is to create a common envitonment in which multiple communities & researchers can share, interact, search and explore recipes of DIY materials coming from TextileLabs, FabLabs, BioLabs and creative research labs, mapping both Raw materials and Made materials.

What materials can you find in the Material Archive?

You will find materials ranging from organic textiles, to biobased plastics, bio-resins and bio-silicones, bio-composites, living matter such as bacteria & fungii, wearables and smart materials, reconfigurable modular solutions, digitalised crafts techniques, recycled materials, bacterial and vegan leathers.

The Material Archive is to be found in Waag's TextileLab Amsterdam and you can visit it on the Thursdays OpenDays public program.

Goals and Objectives

The Material Archive has the aim of exploring, cataloguing and sharing knowledge on sustainable materials. Alternatives coming from a number of scientific and creative fields, are here combined together to create relevant alternatives that mix heritage & craftsmanship techniques with upcoming technologies from digital environments to biotechnology, in order to explore new possibilities for urban manufacturing: from packaging, to fashion & textiles, wearables and smart materials.

Who's involved

TextileLab Amsterdam

Contact Person

Cecilia Raspanti