Accredited Member Roles

The TCBL Association includes three roles for Accredited Members, each of which actively contributes to the Association's mission. Combinations of these members work together to create projects, which have in the past received support from the EU-funded project. Today, collaboration among members is promoted by the Core Members of the TCBL Association, who include consultants, associations, agencies, etc. providing technical support to value chain formation. In addtion, the sister company CEDECS-TCBL Sas participates in EU-funded research projects on behalf of the TCBL network, thus providing specific opportunities.


We've divided Labs into three main types based on the direction of their activities: Design, Make, and Place Labs:

  • Design Labs explore tools and methods for designing textiles and clothes, working with professionals, fashion students, or anyone, even working from home.
  • Make Labs experiment with production methods and machinery old and new, from re-discovering traditional tailoring to 3D printing and laser cutting.
  • Place Labs investigate the local and social dimensions of making, with new modes of organisation of work such as on-demand or home DIY production, community lab spaces, and networks of artisan shops.


Businesses are any company, association, start-up or individual working in the textile and clothing industry and subscribing to the TCBL Values. Startups meet the same criteria as Businesses, but received special support and are awarded a discounted membership fee. See a list of Businesses and Startups in the TCBL Directory.

Service Providers

Service Providers offer IT-based services supporting a sustainable textile and clothing industry. Service Providers explore market needs arising from TCBL Businesses and open up opportunities to co-design and test new service concepts.