The TCBL Community is built on a set of 7 principles that we have identified to capture these shared values:

Curiosity /

The driver of innovation: creative exploration of new ideas and models for social and business innovation.

Viability /

Operational sustainability: equally increasing the prosperity of businesses and the well-being of communities.

Durability /

Environmental and social sustainability: commitment to the environment, through circular economy and local value chains, reducing waste and designing for durable relationships.

Multiplicity /

The value of diversity: highlighting the diversity of cultures, traditions, needs and tastes as a base for collective transformation.

Openness /

The basis for collaboration: sharing resources and information, working with interoperable processes and platforms, providing transparent standards for business practice.

Respect /

Recognition of dignity: taking care of social knowledge and individual contributions, respecting the dignity of workers and consumers, promoting the value of place and territories.

Responsibility /

Professionality of practice: committing to reliable, trustworthy and professional behavior in production, design, retail, and usage.