Why Join TCBL

Why Join TCBL?

TCBL Associates are all part of a business ecosystem based on shared principles, with different roles in business model innovation working to innovate together. TCBL’s value-based community creates a low-risk environment for experimenting new paths, constantly fuelled by the impulses coming from business labs and the services on the TCBL Open Platform.

How to Join the TCBL Community

Interested and want to get involved? The first step is to join the TCBL Community, which is free and easy! Simply LOG IN at the top of this website and fill out the simple profile information requested.

As a registered member of the TCBL Community, you'll receive a regular email newsletter, and can join in on forum discussions on this website. You will also have access to a range of services that you can access with the same log in information (it's a "Single Sign On" or SSO login that permits safe sharing of information to a family of websites that make up the TCBL knowledge system).

How to join the TCBL Ecosystem

The TCBL Ecosystem is composed of four types of Associates (outlined in the about page of this website).

There are regular calls for expression of interest to expand the network. Associates joining the TCBL ecosystem do not receive funding as such, but rather access to specific TCBL services as well as the TCBL label.

  • Labs / Prospective Labs can begin their application process at any time through the labs platform.
  • Associate Enterprises / There is an annual call for workshops and factories who wish to be supported by project partners as they build Business Pilots. The 2018 call opens at the end of February 2018.
  • Startups / There is an annual call for startups who wish to be supported by labs as they develop the entrepreneurial discovery of opportunities and markets triggered by the transformation of the T&C sector. The 2018 call opens at the end of February 2018.