TCBL part of Herewear project

CEDECS-TCBL, acting on behalf of the TCBL Network, is partner in the European Union funded project Herewear, which seeks a holistic approach to the EU market for locally-produced textiles made from bio-based materials.

Microplastics are now recognized as one of the world's most important and unavoidable pollutants. Each year, textiles release an estimated 190,000 tonnes of microplastics into soil and water through the wear and wash process. Herewear proposes solutions for the manufacture and market uptake of sustainable bio-based raw materials that can enable recycling and circular use, while also studying novel visions that contribute to the circular economy of textiles and sharing an ethical vision of European-based, local textile production.

Herewear proposes a methodology for sustainable, closed-loop production. Project partners will develop cellulosic textile fibres based on the latest bio-based polyesters and cellulose developments using three waste streams (seaweed, manure, straw), and these textiles will be finished using biobased coating and colouring agents. New garments will be created, as well as an end-of-life process.

Learn more about herewear on the official website and social media.