TCBL Platform Support

On this page, you can find manuals, screencasts, tutorials and other material that describes how to use the various TCBL platforms and services.

Main TCBL Website

This is the home of the TCBL community, with a synthesis of what's going on across the different platforms, including events, news and the yearly conference. Below are two screencasts: one shows information for the general public while the other is made specifically to teach partners how to insert content on the TCBL web.

*Please note: as of 2019, the forum visible in the screencasts below is no longer active.

DIRECTORY: here is information on how to edit your directory listing for associates or labs

For any questions or support as regards the TCBL website, contact:

Login with TCBL (Single Sign On)

This is the exclusive feature that lets you log in to all TCBL platforms and services - including many external service providers - with one password, leaving you in total control of how your personal data is used by the TCBL community. There are two screencasts below: one shows how to use the Login with TCBL services and the second is for service providers interested in integrating TCBL SSO into their platforms.

For any questions or support as regards TCBL Single Sign On, contact

Thela Supply Chain Management Platform

Thela is an external platform developed by TCBL partner Cleviria, available to TCBL Associate Enterprises for the management of their supply chain's compliance with environmental, social and other criteria.

It was also used to manage the Calls for new Associate Enterprises, from September 2018 until the end of project. Below are several manuals together with a screencast showing how an Associate Enterprise could register for the Call. This tutorial was created using TCBL's cloud service for the automatic generation of learning material: Skillaware.

For any questions or support as regards the Thela platform, contact Martina Gheri at:

TCBL Call Manual - website side

TCBL Call Manual - Thela side

Thela Manual - Personal profile (in Italian)

Thela Manual - Company profile (in italian)

Thela for Advisors

Sqetch Brand-Producer Matchmaking Service

Sqetch is a platform developed by TCBL partner Sqetch that simplifies the job of finding the right garment manufacturer for brands and designers. Following are two screencasts: one for designers searching for a producer and one for manufacturers wishing the list their profiles.

For any questions or support as regards the Sqetch platform, contact Wouter De Roy Van Zuidewijn at

WAVE: Open Innovation Idea Generation Platform

WAVE is an Open Innovation platform developed by TCBL partner ARCA Consortium, that allows to launch challenges, post projects, and collaboratively develop new business concepts. The screenshot below illustrates the platform's main features.

For any questions or support as regards the WAVE platform, contact Luca Leonardi at: