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Iasi / Romania

Niki Ernst

IACy / Founder

Sandwiched in cultures, driven by innovation and constantly inspired by some of the smartest people in the world, Niki commutes every month between San Francisco and Vienna and the rest of the planet. Niki is highly interested in impact; his goal is to change the life of 10 people each month.

As a public speaking coach he works with the global TEDx network; in 2015, he became faculty speaker coach at Singularity University. He coaches the speakers of TCBL Conferences.

IACy is an “innovation agency network” that curates innovation for global players.

Jesse Marsh

TCBL / Project Manager

Jesse Marsh obtained his BA in Fine Arts at Williams College (USA) in 1975; with the Hubbard Hutchinson Fellowship he moved to Milan to work in the studio of Marco Zanuso, one of the fathers of the Italian school of industrial design, and later as a free-lance designer. In fifteen years of professional activity, he confronted a range of technologies, processes and product sector, from chairs to artificial lungs, and received numerous patents and awards. In the late 1980s his interest shifted to information and communication technologies, participating since then in the research teams of over 40 collaborative international projects funded by the European Union.

Over the last ten years, he has been an active member of the Living Lab movement, proposing a user-driven “co-design” approach to ICT R&D and innovation and regional development policies in general. He is the founder and coordinator of the Territorial Living Lab TLL-Sicily, a member of ENoLL (European Network of Living Labs) since 2007, and has been Special Advisor to the President of ENoLL since 2009. In that context, he is also a consultant to the City of Palermo for its Open Data and Smart City strategies and has advised the Sicilian Region (under contract with Formez) for the role of Social Innovation and Open Data in the regional Digital Agenda and Smart Specialisation Strategies 2014-2020.

Anca Gheorghica

Anca has an interdisciplinary academic and professional background. Currently she works in Iasi, Romania, where she coordinates Mai bine - the most active local organization in the field of human and urban ecology, pioneering several projects with the mission of capacity-building for sustainable development. She is also a social entrepreneur, having initiated CUIB and REDU, enterprises which are recognized nationwide as examples of good practices in the field of green and social economy.

Antonela Curteza

Antonela Curteza is a full professor at the Faculty of Textile - Leather Engineering and Industrial Management, The “Gheorghe Asachi” Technical University of Iasi, Romania. She has initiated and conducted many research and teaching activities that have focused mainly on: Design, Sustainable fashion, Creative industries. She is author and co-author of 11 books having fashion design as main subjects. She has authored more than 170 articles published by international and national journals, and international conference proceedings, from which 45 are ISI certified. She took part in 21 national and 9 international research projects; in 16 of them, she held the position of coordinator or project/partner manager. She is an active member of editorial offices for magazines such as Textile Progress. She is a reviewer for ISI magazines: Textile Research Journal, Journal of Industrial Textiles, AUTEX Research Journal and Industria Textila. Prof. Dr. Eng. Antonela Curteza was a WP leader of the INTERREG IVC – ORGANZA Project (http://www.organzanetwork.eu/), and one of the research team leaders of the FP7 International Project 2BFUNTEX - MDTs (multidisciplinary teams) on Sustainable textiles (www.2bfuntex.eu).

Pyerina Carmen Ghituleasa

General manager of INCDTP Bucharest, Romania. Graduated as textile engineer at the Technical University Gh. Asachi Iasi, Faculty for Technology and Chemistry of Textiles and obtained her doctoral degree in 2004.

She has been working during the last 30 years at the National R&D Institute for Textiles and Leather from Bucharest. During this period she has surpassed all the research stages and she has been working in a management position since 2000: as a scientific director for a period of 11 years and in the last 8 years as general manager. Besides of management activity, her expertise fields are: wool spinning processes, technologies for manufacturing of natural animal fibers blends, textile training programmes, standardization activity. She collaborates with the textiles & clothing Romanian clusters and SMEs and with the representative European universities and research centres.

Gabriela Macoveiu

Gabriela graduated in 1989 as engineer the Technical University Ghe. Asachi Iasi. Her experience in business as accumulated by practicing as engineer for 10 years on the Fibrex Nylon Savinesti Chemical Platform; in 2003 she obtained an MBA certificate issued by INCCOR Bucuresti that was successfully used in the field of european programs management in RDA North-East where she works since 1999 as regional development manager. During the last 20 years Gabriela coordinated multidisciplinary teams, implemented strategic regional development and smart specialization activities, elaborated and coordinated economic development projects, both for RDA and other similar public authorities and private managers from EU and accessing countries. Her experience as consultant was accumulated by delivering regional development technical assistance and trainings for RDA North-East, EURECNA CNA Veneto, European Commission Delegation in Yerevan, Assogal Toscana, European Institute for European Policies in Berlin. Supplementary to this experience she is a certified trainer for projects evaluation and strategic management.

Ioana Ciolacu

Ioana Ciolacu is a contemporary womenswear fashion label from the Romanian designer by the same name. With an MA in Fashion Design and Technology from the prestigious London College of Fashion of University of the Arts London and with design experience from one of the best international brands – Stella McCartney, Ioana has developed strong understanding of creating high quality clothes and unique designs. With a focus on shape, craftsmanship and sustainability, Ioana takes inspiration from architecture and nature combining signature graphics with tailoring techniques.

Her simple yet tailor-inspired silhouettes work as canvases for signature graphics – transposed in prints and embroidery -and fabric combinations that all show a deep understanding of shape, proportion and craftsmanship. Ioana’s effortless pieces show a love for playing with custom developed techniques to create a modern and alluring look.

She is the winner of numerous awards including Best Designer at the Romanian Design Week 2018, and nominee in the Elle Style Awards (Best Designer 2014, Best Young Designer 2012).

Iris Knieling

Iris Knieling is the promoter and co-owner of Andrea Tincu brand. Iris is an important member of the creative team of Andrea Tincu. She is a teacher of Contemporary History of Fashion at the Andrea Tincu Fashion School. Also, she is administrating the relation with the public and the social media accounts.

Andrea Tincu is a brand of ready-to-wear clothes and accessories. In a year, Andrea Tincu is showing two main collections of apparel. In addition to them, there are three secondary collections of silk scarves, with prints which are made after the designer`s paintings, and hand-made accessories.The Andrea Tincu clothes are a mix of art and fashion.

Andrea Tincu`s collections were shown on many runways from the Europe (Kiev, Amsterdam, Vienna, Athens, Bucharest, Sarajevo, London, Bucharest, Iasi, Zagreb, etc.).

Teodor Frolu

Architect by training, Teodor Frolu is a successful entrepreneur in creative industries (communication, multimedia, architecture, design and urban regeneration). In the last 10 years he developed in collaboration with the Olympian Ivan Patzaichin a new platform concerned with the revitalization of traditions from the perspective of the human – nature perspective.

The PATZAIKIN Ecosystem, conceptualized as a collaborative entrepreneurship between artists, architects, designers and passionate craft people, promotes the transfer of material and immaterial resources from the local rural heritage, guided by its creative experience and distilled through contemporary design. It integrates the wisdom of nature, the management of natural resources and lessons learned from the traditional approach with innovation and the needs of the modern world, materialising into fashion and product design (wood boats, décor ceramics, etc.)

The artisanal products developed under the PATZAIKIN Ecosystem highlight the rural-urban connection. Apart from the seasonal trends of fashion, the clothes become a very personal layer for timeless expression. The latest collection, “de cânepă”, plays with the architecture of shapes, the asymmetry of surfaces, encompassing textures and colours from the fairy-tale-like atmosphere of the Danube Delta. Engaging with the traditional wisdom of the Romanian hemp heritage, PATZAIKIN proposes a garment that will respond to your urban needs as much as those of your adventures in the wild.

Lutz Walter

For almost 20 years as Head of R&D and Innovation and currently as Director for Innovation and Skills at EURATEX, the European Apparel and Textile Confederation, based in Brussels and Secretary General of the European Technology Platform for the Future of Textiles and Clothing, Lutz Walter has been actively following the technology and innovation trends in Europe’s textile and fashion sector. He has coordinated several large-scale European research and training-related programs, advised companies, research organisations and public authorities and authored various studies and strategy papers on the future of Europe’s textile and fashion industry.

Alice Gras

Through her different activities Alice Gras dedicates herself time to creators and artisans of contemporary fashion' support. She is the founder of Hall Couture, an integrated collaborative space dedicated to new fashion creation. She is also co-founder and active member of the Fashion Tech Week event combining fashion and digital culture and intervenes as a consultant on behalf of various companies.