Shemakes Club

The shemakes club is a working ground that stems from the Horizon 2020 shemakes project (Jan 2021-Dec 2022).

To extend the impact of the many EU-funded projects in which the TCBL Association and CEDECS-TCBL are involved, all the communities we are developing within our varied projects are invited to continue the conversation in clubs or working groups under the TCBL umbrella. The shemakes club will address gender equality issues in the textile and clothing industry through a series of online and offline events focused on maintaining and expanding the network established during the project, as well as continuing the fertile discussion of and action on issues identified.


Fall Update and Opportunities

Monday October 2, 15-16 CET

The shemakes Club is back with a fall online session, in collaboration with Fabricademy, dedicated to updates from the community on recent projects and inclusive actions.

Valentine Lévy, project manager at Universal Love, will present a very interesting opportunity for designers interested in using recycled materials to participate in an international contest related to the 2024 Olympic Games. Curious? You’ll have to join us to find out more!

To follow, an alumna of Fabricademy will share the evolution of her research work.

Who can participate: this online event is open to shemakes labs and wider community, TCBL Association members and Fabricademy students and alumni
Join us online at: zoom link (meeting ID 861 6051 5330; access code 522146)

Summer Update

Wednesday June 7, 15-16 CET

For whom: shemakes partners, labs and ambassadors (by invitation only)

Topic of discussion:

- Sharing news, opportunities, events and projects
- Gathering new insights on "Bridging the gender gap" in the T&C sector
- Pre-testing a revolutionary idea for a potential new service