Join us

Join TCBL if you:

  • Embrace TCBL Values and the principles of real sustainability – not just greenwashing – and are committed to acting upon them.
  • Are willing to commit to the accreditation process and to participate in collaborative innovation experiments.

As a TCBL member, you receive the following intangible yet extremely valuable benefits:

  • Access to like-minded colleagues, suppliers and clients – the kind of people you can trust in your supply chain – through our interactive events and the members-only directory profiles.
  • Access to on-going activities in TCBL Labs and the occasion to test innovation with minimal risk.
  • Potential access to funding through projects in which the TCBL network is directly represented.
  • The opportunity to present a pitch of your work at one of our events or even be featured as a speaker.


  • The right to use the TCBL logo to promote your membership.
  • Listing in the public TCBL Directory and access to the non-public detailed profiles of members.
  • Three user accounts on the TCBL website and service platform.
  • Free access to our annual event.
  • Subscription to the TCBL newsletter and updates.
  • Most importantly, all accredited Labs, Businesses, and Service Providers become full members of the Association, which means you participate in the General Meetings, vote to nominate the members of the Management Board, and participate in deciding the strategic direction of the Association as a whole.
Accredited Member types and annual fees
  • Labs engage textile and clothing stakeholders in exploring technical and social innovation to make the industry more sustainable. Yearly membership fee € 25,00.
  • Businesses work in the textile and clothing sector and wish to benefit from innovation opportunities. Yearly membership fee: € 250,00.
  • Startup Businesses are those founded in 2018 or later. Discounted yearly membership fee: € 150,00.
  • Service Providers offer IT-based services supporting a sustainable textile and clothing industry. Yearly membership fee: € 25,00.

Membership fees are due starting the year following accreditation as a new member of the Association.

How to join TCBL

If you're new to TCBL, we'll guide you through the accreditation process to make sure you:

  • Are active and competent in one or more aspects of the textile and clothing industry.
  • Are interested in participating in collaborative innovation experiments with other TCBL Labs, Businesses, and Service Providers.
  • Are aligned with the TCBL Values in your activities and in your expectations towards those you work with.

The starting point is the TCBL Sign-up Survey, where you also confirm your interest in joining the Association. Once you've submitted your response, you'll be assigned to a TCBL Mentor who will release the issue of an invoice for the Sign-up fee (equal to the yearly membership fee), help you complete your directory profile and sign the relevant documents, and submit your application to the Management Board for final approval.

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