TCBL Reference Library

Over the course of the project, the TCBL community has produced numerous documents, articles and videos containing useful information. Here's where to find it all.


TCBL_Zine is the place to go for an in-depth understanding of developments in TCBL, from news on the latest materials technologies to portraits of promising designers in sustainable fashion. The _Zine publishes special issues on topics related to on-going innovation pilots in TCBL, and in addition highlights the most noteworthy guidebooks and videos from the on-line TCBL collections.

Special Issues published to date include:

The _Zine is also the meeting place for TCBL Associate Advisors, who in fact are the main contributors to its publications. You can find personal profiles of the most active Advisors, known as ‘Knowledge Champions’ and link to their publications on the _Zine.

TCBL_Zine is managed as a separate platform accessible through our Login with TCBL feature. If you haven’t signed up, you can do so here.

TCBL Library

TCBL publishes a series of easy-to-use booklets on a range of subjects from an overview of TCBL Labs to case studies of business innovation to market and policy reports for the T&C sector. These can all be consulted on-line and are free to download from the TCBL Library.

The TCBL Library is organised by thematic Stacks collecting items on a specific topic. Stacks currently available include:

TCBL Video

TCBL makes extensive use of videos, especially to capture the 50+ talks at its annual #TCBL conference but also to record Lab activities, provide tutorials for platforms and services, etc. You can subscribe to the TCBL Channel on YouTube to receive regular updates.

TCBL videos are grouped according to playlists in order to facilitate access to the most relevant collections.