Resources and Documentation

Over the course of the project, the TCBL community has produced numerous documents, articles and videos containing useful information.
Here's where to find it all.
  • Project deliverables: the deliverables from the Horizon 2020 funded project are publicly available on and can be downloaded from the TCBL information page on the European Commission’s CORDIS research portal.
  • TCBL _Zine was our answer to an academic journal, containing in-depth understanding of developments in TCBL, from news on the latest materials technologies to portraits of promising designers in sustainable fashion. The _Zine published three special issues on topics related to on-going innovation pilots in TCBL.
  • TCBL Blog compliments the _Zine with articles for the general public. This section of the website remains active post-project and is being updated by the TCBL Association.
  • On TCBL’s Issuu account you can find useful booklets on a range of subjects from an overview of TCBL Labs to case studies of business innovation to market and policy reports for the T&C sector.
  • All the talks from our annual conference can be consulted on our YouTube channel.

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This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 Programme for research, technology development, and innovation under grant Agreement n.646133