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Who is TCBL For?

Anyone who wants to transform the textile and clothing industry: sector businesses, researchers and explorers, service providers, and experts facilitating knowledge exchange and innovation.

Why should I join TCBL?

Become part of a value-based community where different types of organisations are working together to create a low-risk environment for business model innovation.

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The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations has developed a survey about the final year of the TCBL Project. Feedback on this survey is important both...

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Barcelona 22/06/2019
Planet Textiles was first held by MCL News & Media back in 2009 in...
Huddersfield 28/06/2019
The Textile Centre will be hosting a collaborative sewing cafe, open to all...


Labs are the active, physical context in which TCBL’s explorations of new sustainable models for the T&C industry take place. Labs provide innovation and research spaces to help companies, non-profits, designers, students and citizens develop projects through training, services and tools, as well as the publication of research materials.

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TCBL supports Associates and Labs in the creation of projects that can freely explore the impact of innovative social, production and business models.

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