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Anyone who wants to transform the textile and clothing industry: sector businesses, researchers and explorers, service providers, and experts facilitating knowledge exchange and innovation.

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Become part of a value-based community where different types of organisations are working together to create a low-risk environment for business model innovation.

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The TCBL community is growing once again! The 2018 Call for Startups is now open. We're looking for innovators interested in the entrepreneurial...

Upcoming events

Copenhagen 15/05/2018
The world’s leading business event on sustainability in fashion...
Amsterdam 15/03/2018
During this workshop you will learn about the potential of dyeing with bacteria...
Murska Sobota 13/03/2018
The Place Lab Hiša Sadeži Družbe, Murska Sobota, will be running a workshop...

From the forum

In the context of the CreativeWear project, the ARCA TCBL Lab in Palermo organized the Vestino , a 3-day event with over 20 events and exhibitions relating art and creativity to textiles and clothing.

Business Pilots

TCBL supports Associate Enterprises that make up a value-based business community.
These enterprises have proposed concrete business cases that can freely explore the impact of innovative business models and that benefit from interaction with TCBL Labs.

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Storytelling, case studies, research and more on the world of textile and clothing in Europe