TCBL members to exhibit at Avantex

Four TCBL members have been chosen to exhibit their innovative products at the TCBL x Avantex stand in the experimental Resources area, new for 2023.

Avantex Paris is a trade show in Paris focused on advanced and sustainable textile and fashion solutions. The 2023 edition will take place July 3-5 as a once-yearly edition and will be located in Parc des Expositions (Porte de Versailles) Exhibition Center. Within the fair is a new section called Resources that is designed to highlight innovative materials available for B2B sourcing. This dedicated space answers market needs for more sustainable and innovative options in the industry, specifically looking for innovative processes or materials (biofabrication or biofabrics for example) as well as vectors of new functionalities such as accelerated biodegradability.

TCBL was invited to be the official partner of Resources at Avantex and to bring four brands together to create a stand in this section. We’re very pleased to be able to offer this kind of opportunity to our members: a mix of visibility and potential sales, with a steeply discounted rate and our facilitation of the contact with the fair. Below, let’s look at the TCBL members who will be exhibiting samples and networking with potential buyers in our association’s stand at Avantex.

Natural Indigo

This Finnish company produces natural dyes on an industrial scale, focusing on the blue indigo that comes from woad plants that grow under the neverending summer sky of Finland. They also make dyes from onion peels and willow bark. Learn more at

Maeko Tessuti

Milan-based Maeko Tessuti is a vertical company capable of accompanying customers through all stages of the natural fabric supply chain. They provide project spinning services as well as weaving and dyeing with a focus on yarns made from alternative fabrics like hemp, nettle, bamboo, linen, organic cotton, alpaca, yak and others. For info see


Refact is a prize-winning technology developed by the French startup Induo. It’s a highly scalable recycling technology that can accept a mixture of used and worn-out textiles without needing to be sorted before processing. Unlike other textile recycling, this technology can recycle complicated blends, multi-coloured textiles and clothing with zippers or buttons. Learn more at


Vretena is located in Darmstadt Germany and is part of the Horizon 2020 Herewear Project in which CEDECS-TCBL is a contributing partner. Within this innovation project, Vretena designs, develops, and pilots fashionable garment prototypes with novel sustainable bio-based materials using networked manufacturing concepts. Focusing on circularity, at Avantex, Vretena will show some of the items from their recent, fully circular collections made of 100% organic cotton, 100% Lenzing Lyocell and 100% innovative weatherproof organic cotton. All models are given an individual circularity.ID® to enable and support the circularity, durability, and recycling of garments. To find out more see