TCBL Association brings members to Avantex 2024

We’ve been invited back to Paris after the success of last year’s TCBL corner at Avantex in the ReSources section in which we showcased four of our members.

For the 2024 edition we’ll be present with four different TCBL Association members for the event held July 1-3. As an official partner of Avantex Resources, TCBL is pleased to be able to offer this opportunity to members at a vastly reduced cost, providing exposure and potential sales to participants.

ReSources is the part of Avantex created to highlight innovative materials and processes. It’s a display podium to showcase companies whose work contributes to new sustainable value chains: from new materials (e.g. based on food waste, mycelium or multi-materials) to new functional processes (e.g. accelerated biodegradability, biodyes) and new production processes (e.g. 3D printing or knitting, design for recycling).

Discover the TCBL members attending Avantex

With the Herewear project - in which Cedecs-TCBL is a partner - coming to an end this Fall, we focused our corner in good part on the biobased, local and circular themes that are the pillars of this project. Three of the chosen participants are in fact partners who worked together in Herewear: DITF (German Institutes of Textile and Fiber Research, the largest textile research centre in Europe, who is developing new methods of knitting and weaving in a microfactory), Vretena (a family-run sustainable womens’ wear company and retail lab), and Mitwill Textiles Europe (specialized in rapid prototyping and small-batch printing from a constantly updated design database in their microfactory). Rounding off the group is Athens-based Wear Your Origins, a sustainable brand designing garments from post-consumer clothes with a strong environmental, social, and cultural impact.

Stop by to meet the TCBL Association members presenting at Avantex (L271 - L281) and to see some of the results of the Herewear project, including a PLA-based corporate polo and a “Flexi dress” made from recycled straw.