The TCBL Association is a cultural non-profit established under Dutch law. Its governance structure aims to include all network participants in defining direction and strategy, while also ensuring efficient and effective management and implementation. This includes the establishment of levels of involvement ranging from general membership to the management board and advisory board.

The General Meeting includes all Association members with equal status and voting rights. It meets at least once a year and approves the Management Board’s activity report and budget. A financial committee of General Meeting members audits the financial reports to ensure transparency.

The Management Board consists of the representatives of eight from among the Association’s core members, and carries out the strategic as well as the day-to-day management of the Association. It approves new membership applications and manages the accreditation process, as well as planning and coordinating all communication and events. The Management Board produces yearly accounts, budgets, and activity reports for approval at the General Meeting.

The Association also has an Advisory Board made up of six leading figures in the world of textiles and clothing who provide strategic guidance in a yearly review of progress.

Official documents

The Statute of the TCBL Association is available in both Dutch and English. Complementary to the statute is the Internal Regulation that further defines operating procedures, fees, etc.